Cloud County Chemical Dependency Committee

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Do you or someone you know have a problem with alcohol or drugs?

Call the Self-Help Hotline

Listing of local AA, NA, Alanon and OA meetings in the Concordia area plus referral information for counseling services in the area.

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The Cloud County Chemical Dependency Committee is requesting your feedback regarding their services as it's consistent with their mission statement. 

Mission: To provide alcohol and drug education, prevention, intervention, and treatment. 

Your feedback is appreciated.




About the Committee

MISSION: To provide alcohol and drug intervention, treatment, prevention and education.

Committee Members: Burl Maley, Linda Blanken, Teresa Ward, Ted Collins, Matt Myers, Jim Kerr, Regina Wallace,  Brian Marks, Janet Eubanks, Bill Czapanskiy, Cyndi Atwell, Dawn Snyder, Ric Fredrickson, Mistie Knox, Jason Grogan, Myra Pfeifer, Terry Bushy, Darrin Hill, Doyle Reed, Lynell Kallman, Chuck Lambertz, Jim Anderson, Keili Frey, Mark Rothfuss, Mary Jo Thummel, Roc Harrington, Sheri Johnston

Officers for 2022-2023:

  • Chairperson – Mistie Knox
  • Vice Chairperson – Lynell Kallman
  • Secretary – Janet Eubanks
  • Treasurer – Dawn Snyder

Alcohol Tax Funds: The Cloud County Commission has designated the Chemical Dependency Committee as the entity that will distribute the alcohol tax funds allocated by the state for the purpose of education, intervention and prevention of alcohol abuse.

Intervention and Prevention: By distributing the funds provided to the Alcohol Fund, the Chemical Dependency Committee is able to assist programs in the community such as police and sheriff DARE programs, after prom and graduation parties, youth programs public education programs, treatment, prevention and intervention programs.





Meeting Times: The Chemical Dependency Committee meets the 2nd Friday of each month at 8:15 am in the DCF building meeting room – 1506 East 6th, Concordia.


Community Involvement

Increase community awareness, education and skills regarding alcohol and drug issues.

  • Presentation to Concordia High School Freshman Health class on underage drinking
  • Presentation to Concordia High School faculty and staff on signs and symptoms of  youth exposed to methamphetamine
  • Presentation to Concordia High School Freshman Health class on methamphetamine and addiction
  • Mitchell County Investigator presented on methamphetamine production in the region and how to recognize products used in meth production to Cloud County Highway Department
  • Presentation for Cloud County Community College RA’s on the consequences association with alcohol use
  • Media campaigns:
    • December/January- Holiday Prevention/Safety
    • March-Marijuana
    • May- Graduation
    • July- Methamphetamine
    • September- Self Help Hotline

Increase awareness of available services for indigent people.

  • Media campaign promoting the Self-Help hotline       
  • Self-Help Hotline

Increase involvement in the coalition from community members.

  • Presentation of Pacesetters Award at Commission meeting
  • Pacesetters Award Banquet
  • City Commissioners proclaimed September Drug and Alcohol Recovery Month in Concordia
  • Area businesses displayed meth awareness information

Provide drug and alcohol free activities for the community.

  • Provided funding for Red Ribbon Week, After-prom, After-graduation, and Back to School Bash
  • Sponsored a free community swim
  • Sponsored river floats

Strengthen community anti-drug use, attitudes and norms.

  • Reward & Reminder checks
  • Meth Watch packets distributed to businesses
  • Support drug free activities at Cloud County Community College
  • Sponsored Alcohol 101 presentations


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