Cloud County Law Enforcement Center

A Law Enforcement Center with the Jail, Control Room and the Sheriff’s Office designed in a low rise metal building on a site suitable for future expansion.

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Cloud County Sheriff - Brian Marks

Brian Marks has been serving as Cloud County Sheriff since January of 2009, having been elected in November 2008.

He previously served as natural resource officer (game warden) for 16 years in the Cloud County District.

Marks grew up Hutchinson.  After graduation from Kansas State University, where he majored in Natural Resource Management, he worked part-time for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and later full time for the Wildlife and parks.

Marks graduated from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center at Hutchinson to become a fully certified Kansas Law Enforcement officer.  He said he decided to run for sheriff as he saw it as a career opportunity to take his law enforcement experience to a higher level.

Serving as sheriff differs from being a game warden because he deals more directly with personal crimes, rather than wildlife.

Marks said his goal as sheriff is to give the citizens of Cloud County as much law enforcement coverage as he can with the resources that are available.  His staff includes a full-time adminitrative assistant, undersheriff, seven full-time deputies, one part-time deputy, four full-time corrections officers, three part-time corrections officers, one food service coordinator, one transport officer and one part-time administrative assistant.

Marks and his wife, Joy, have two sons, Tyler, 17, and Kyle, 15.  Joy is employed in the Court Services office in Cloud County.

When not on duty, Marks like to hunt, fish, play golf, and do gardening and yard work.


Cloud County Sheriff's Office Public Information Policy Related to Prea (Prison Rape Elimination Act)





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All Reports are available at the Law Enforcement Center





Call the Jail Administrator Amber Lindberg @ 785-243-8164

Call DVACK HOTLINE at 1-800-874-1499 (24 hours, TDD, Langauge Line) or 785-827-5862—Can call collect/24 hours/7 days a week

Call Crime stoppers: 1-800-794-4512


Cloud County Law Enforcement Center Policy on Reporting and Investigating PREA Complaints and Concerns  "CLICK HERE"


Annual PREA Review "CLICK HERE"


PREA 2019 Audit Final Report "CLCK HERE"

PREA 2016 Audit Final Report "CLICK HERE"


2015 Survey of Sexual Victiminzation

2016 Survey of Sexual Victiminzation

2017 Survey of Sexual Victiminzation




The Cloud County Law Enforcement Center (CCLEC) will have written policy and procedures mandating zero-tolerance towards all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.  CCLEC will describe in detail approaches taken to prevent, detect, and respond to such conduct.  Policy and procedure will be in accordance with the DOJ Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 115, and National Standards, to prevent, detect, and respond to prison rape.





§115.87 Data Collection

  1. CCLEC shall collect accurate, uniform data for every allegation of sexual abuse using a standardized instrument and set of definitions.

    1. CCLEC utilizes the Survey Of Sexual Violence through the Department of Justice and submits its form annually at a minimum.

    2. CCLEC utilizes the KBI for DNA analysis, and an evidence custody receipt for any physical evidence collected during the investigation.

  2. The CCLEC PREA coordinator or Jail Administrator shall aggregate the incident-based sexual abuse data at least annually.

  3. CCLEC shall maintain, review, and collect data as needed from all available incident-based documents, including reports, investigation files, and sexual abuse incident reviews.

    1. All completed PREA investigations will be maintained by the PREA Coordinator and Jail Administrator.  Electronic copies are secured by and encrypted network folder and all paper documents will be kept in a locked file cabinet in the Jail Administrator’s office.

§115.88 Data Review for Correction Action

  1. The PREA Coordinator, Jail Administrator, and Sheriff will review data collected and aggregated pursuant to PREA §115.87 in order to assess and improve the effectiveness of its sexual abuse prevention, detection, and response policies, practices, and training to include:

    1. Identifying problem areas

    2. Taking corrective action on an on-going basis; and

    3. Preparing an annual report of its findings and corrective actions for each facility and the agency as a whole.

      1. The report must include a comparison of the current year’s data and corrective actions with those from the prior years and provide an assessment of the agency’s progress in addressing sexual abuse.

      2. Redaction of specific material may take place when publication presents a clear and specific threat to the safety and security of the facility, but will indicate the nature of the material redacted.

§115.89 Data Storage, publication, and destruction

  1. CCLEC ensures that data collected pursuant §115.87 are securely retained by the Jail Administrator.

  2. All personal identifiers will be removed prior to making data available publicly.

  3. Sexual abuse data collected pursuant §115.87 will be maintained for a period of not less than 10 years after the date of initial collection, unless federal, state or local law states otherwise.

  4. All case records associated with claims of sexual abuse, including incident reports, investigative reports, inmate information, case disposition, medical and counseling evaluation findings, and recommendations will be maintained in accordance with state laws.

  5. This information will be stored at the Cloud County Sheriff's Office and there will be a posting on the Cloud County website directing people where they can go to find the information.





Cloud County Sheriff Department

Ken Davis - Sheriff

2090 Ft. Kearney St.
Concordia, KS


We hope you find the information contained here to be helpful and educational.

In the Sheriff Department pages you will find a wealth of information regarding our facility, our community outreach efforts, crime detection and prevention, and things you can do to protect your home and community.

If you find yourself with reservations here, you'd better show up. If not, you just my find yourself on our Most Wanted Page. This facility opened in 1930 and was added on to in 1978. We are currently capable of housing up to 32 inmates at one time. We work closely with Kansas State Highway Patrol, Probation & Parole and the local Conservation Agent.

Cloud County is one of the largest counties in the state at almost 700 square miles. We are staffed to answer calls and care for inmates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The Cloud County Communications is handled through the Concordia Police Department.