Road Division

About Our Division

The Road Division of the Cloud County Sheriff’s Department consists of 7 full time Deputy Sheriff’s and 2 part time Deputy Sheriff's. This division is supervised by Sheriff Ken Davis and provides services to Cloud County residents 24 hours a day. Responsibilities consist of investigations, residence and business checks, civil and criminal paper service, transporting prisoners and general patrol. This division works closely with the Concordia Police Department, Division of Family Services, Kansas State Highway Patrol, Probation and Parole and other area agencies. All Deputies are KLETC certified through the state of Kansas as Peace Officers and receive continuing education hours yearly as specified by State of Kansas to remain certified.

Patrol Car Interior

Road Officers spend a great deal of time in these trucks. They also have communications radios, shotguns and flashlights. Emergency kits are kept in the vehicle including items such as fingerprint kits, blankets, binoculars, etc